Best Place In The World to Live

Over coffee and tea this morning JEJ and I were discussing lists that always pop up pointing out best places to live, best places to retire, best places to vacation, on and on.  My husband is a very wise man. As he gazed out the window at our beautiful morning view he said, "This is the best place in the world to live... right here." I couldn't agree more. Here are ten reasons why:
It is very quiet where we live.
We have a long growing season. 
We are very secluded.
We live very close to our church. 
Lilacs grow very well here!
We get to enjoy four seasons.
Flowers love our climate. 
We are close to places the dogs can run and swim.
We experience lovely sunrises.

We are close to great walking trails.

Shhhh.... don't tell anybody about our beautiful corner of the Inland Empire. We like to keep it quiet around here!


  1. our little area was in one of the retirement magazines - claiming it was the best place to retire.

    Hope it doesn't change things.

    I'd like to come live with you.

  2. Im gonna put it all over facebook and we will come in coach loads :)

    it certainly looks the most wonderful of places....... one day I WILL get to visit.....


  3. it looks like heaven. :)


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