Best of Friends: The Sheriff and Deputy

Kit giving McDuff a hero's welcome when he returned from the vet.

McDuff is the senior member of our cat family. We have recently observed changes in McDuff that causes concern about his health. It was time for his yearly check-up so he was loaded into the car carrier then off to the vet on Monday. He is ten years old, but after an exam and blood work the vet found nothing wrong with McDuff. We know his teeth need cleaning so his dental health may have led to some lack of appetite and energy. He will soon go back to get those cleaned. When McDuff returned home Monday he got a rock star's welcome. Kit, the Deputy was so happy for Sheriff  McDuff to return home.  That seemed to cheer McDuff up. He is beginning to seem more like his same old self.
McDuff has always been a mentor for Kit since Kit showed up on our property in a tree a few years ago. The two cats guard the place from strays and keep the riff raff away. They certainly are the best of friends.

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