Best Number: 55

I was born in 1955 and turn age 55 today. I look forward to a day filled with a road trip with JEJ, coffee at Starbucks, meeting with fellow teachers at GU, afternoon spent with Mom in Kellogg, and Chinese food with JEJ,Mom,my nieces,my sister, her husband, and a family friend. The day will be topped off with a visit to the 6th St.Theater is Wallace to watch SVG and her husband perform in " I Do, I Do".


  1. Happy Birthday! You are just a few weeks ahead of me --- I hadn't though thought of the 55 - 55 connection yet. I hope your day is wonderful and that the year ahead is filled with great blessings! Wishing you ALL the BEST!

    Thank you for being a sweet friend!

  2. Happy Birthday. Wow, 55, wow, wow

  3. IEG: Is you go'in to drive at 55 too? HA!

  4. IEG: Can't wait till I see 55 (again) HA


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