Best Dam Built In Martin Creek

I may have mentioned already that we had problems when an unbelievable amount of rain fell last week on an ice rink we usually call our driveway. The water couldn't seep into the ground and had nowhere to go. When I was finally home in the light and could survey the situation I was surprised at how much water had built up on the walkways leaving the driveway. Above is a picture of our skating rink driveway.

Here you can see the brick walkway underneath the frozen ice. Wouldn't you know that the weeds are still alive and well under that ice? The water had nowhere to go and began heading under the door.

Using wood,dirt, and sand JEJ was able to build a dam to hold back the water that washed over the ice.

Annie is up on the rock wall here checking out the damage with me. Fortunately it was only water. The  rugs hanging on the fence are even dry now. I will be curious to see what the weather brings this week.

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