Best Community Theater I've Seen: Bravo to Agnes and Michael

For the last three week-ends my sister Silver Valley Girl and her husband have performed a two person show at the Sixth St. Theater in Wallace, Idaho entitled I Do! I Do!. It is a musical comedy (with some added drama) that begins with the wedding of Agnes and MIchael as we follow them through their marriage with the whole play centering in their bedroom. Both JEJ and I agreed it is the best performance we have seen at the theater. Bravo to Agnes and Michael for your fine singing and acting. Your timing was perfect, your dancing impeccable, and watching you age before our eyes was an amazing feat you both carried off with ease. I really wish I could have seen it again.

Watching them perform at different stages of their marriage brought back memories for me of some of those passages we have experienced together such as the wedding above. She is wearing the veil I wore in my first wedding and a dress we found one day shopping at a thrift shop!

Another example was seeing SVG on stage as a mother-to-be. I was sure she wore that same exact dress when she was pregnant in real life!

As the frustrations of motherhood built up Agnes did some comedy relief with the tricycle.

Some friction developed as Michael pointed out a few things he wanted Agnes to change about herself. She presented her list also!

Later she showed off her flair for fancy hats.

It was touching to see them at the wedding of their own child knowing that someday the two of them will be experiencing the same thing in their own lives. She may shed a few tears like she did on stage.
The play ended with the two of them getting ready to move from their home. Again, the play was a joy to watch from beginning to end. SVG said earlier today that she would miss Agnes and Michael. So will I!

After the curtain went down I had to get my sister and mother together. When SVG made herself up for an older Agnes from the end of the play it is hard to tell who the mother is here! RIght Mom?

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  1. I LOVE amatuer dramatics....... and blimey..... your sister and mum actually look like sisters and not mother and daughter LOL



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