Best Birthday For This Year!

How can you ever pick a best birthday? Each year something special occurs to make that birthday a special one. Yesterday mine was awesome. I got to start the day with my teacher group at GU and had Foster broaden my thinking once again about what I do each day in the classroom. 

An early Chinese dinner in Kellogg was enjoyed by all as we laughed and conversed and experienced a variety of traditional dishes. At 7:00 we attended the play " I Do I Do" at the 6th St. Theater in Wallace. Silver Valley Girl and her husband were the two actors that carried the whole play with grace, ease, humor, beautiful singing, and tears. ( more on the play on another post)

The evening wrapped up with blowing out of candles, singing, opening of presents, and a nightcap and conversation with my Mom late into the night. I am just glad Mom and I were able to stay up so late. Thanks to all of you that birthday wishes. You made my day very special.


  1. It sounds like your birthday was perfect! The best part --- would be being able to stay up late and visit with mom. :D

    I love your new page template. It represents January with hope for February so well!

    Enjoy a great year ahead!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I'm late.

  3. terribly late, too! but I wish you the best possible year to follow!


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