Three Simple Pleasures: Water, A Healing Finger, Wood Heat

Clare Grant introduced the original Three Beautiful Things each day on her blog which can be found here. My brother Raymond Pert uses this format often on his blog Kellogg Bloggin which can be found here. I think C. Colton was right when he said "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery." I am now going to imitate both of them posting Three Simple Pleasures each day this month.

1. A pipe broke in the building where I teach yesterday morning. Since the building used to be the elementary school, we have bathrooms in our rooms. I was able to fill up the water cooler before the water went off, but no restrooms were available until about 2:00 today. It is truly amazing how toilets, flushing, men coming in to fix toilet, and middle school boys finally getting to use the toilet could distract even the best lesson on characterization today. What a joy to have water again.

2. JEJ had to take a trip to the emergency room Monday. A group from church was helping split wood up the road and his finger got between the wood splitter and a piece of wood. After x-rays, stitches, and a big bandage he is on the road to recovery. As usual, he was his same calm self about the whole thing and I was exhausted just hearing about the whole ordeal. His finger is healing nicely.

3. The temperature took a big dip the last twenty-four hours. What a pleasure it was to sit in front of the wood stove after school today to warm my cold feet.


  1. Yes, the pleasure of a toilet flushing properly can never be underestimated. (:)

  2. I love the idea of Three Simple Pleasures and of Three Beautiful Things... I've thought about trying that. I've gotten so undiciplined about posting. Seems life has just been a non-stop ride lately.

    So glad JEJ is on the road to recovery. Sounds like a scary thing that could have been so much worse!

    It's very cold here too. I have two chairs and some boxes of stuff I'm sorting blocking my fireplace. You have motivated me to go get it cleared and enjoy the fireplace. It's gas, and I prefer wood, but at least it's warm and pretty to look at!

    Stay warm!
    Nita Jo

  3. Cripes about the finger........ my right thumb is all infected at the moment due to getting a splinter down the side of the nail, the thumb is twice the size of me left thumb LOL and so very painful..... I showed me physio today and he said 'bloody hell Mel you need to nip over to A&E and get someone to look at that' oh hush I said, it will sort itself and Im just waiting for it to turn colour so I can maybe dig it with a pin and let all the gunge out...... he just rolled his eyes at me....but this evening the swelling has gone right down me thumb to me wrist LOL me thinks he might of been giving me good advice after all LMFAO.....

    Just glad your blokie is done and dusted...... I could of stitched it for him LOL



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