Three Simple Pleasures: Water, Candy Canes, Time With Bonnie

1. Today when we lost water again in our building at school I was relieved we were only without restrooms for about three hours. It wasn't as disruptive this time.

2. We enjoyed Bob's Mini Candy Canes while watching the first part of "A Christmas Carol" in class today. I loved it when AR put the cane in his mouth and exclaimed, " I love candy canes. They taste just like Christmas!"

3. It was my December time with my hair stylist Bonnie this afternoon. The time flies when I get my color and cut as we share stories about our former lives in the Tri-Cities and have conversations about the state of affairs in the world.  Many world issues can be resolved sipping a Peppermint Mocha while waiting for your hair to process!

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  1. my Bonnie's name is Vicky.
    and I have an Oregon Chai with a shot of vanilla. mMMMMMMm.


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