Three Simple Pleasures: It's Looking Like Christmas, the Sounds of the Season, the Talents of JEJ

1. I always try to take the time to sit and appreciate the Christmas decor in my house. Many decorations remind me of special memories and special people.

2. I really love Christmas music. It is really hard for me to pick songs and CDs that are my favorites. Today I loved listening to " Charlie Brown's Christmas" while doing baking. I also really like the Carpenters " Christmas Portrait." It is playing now.

3. I found these Christmas cards that you can place your own photos in an insert on the front. I found some of my favorite nature shots and had them printed. The trick was getting them inside the cards. JEJ patiently sat this afternoon and figured them out for me.


  1. I LOVE your snowmen......


  2. Oh, my Mom would LOVE those snowmen. She collects snowmen, but doesn't put hers out until January after all the Christmas stuff is taken down.

    "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is definitely my favorite holiday soundtrack, but I like to listen to different Christmas music when I'm doing different things.

  3. everybody needs a JEJ, especially at Christmas. Sigh.


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