Three Simple Pleasures: Holly, Careful Drivers, The Lightbulb Coming On

1.I am happy I grow holly. Usually I almost forget about it because it gets covered with snow. This year I was able to catch some images of the festive plant before the snow began to fall.

2.I travel up and down Lake Roosevelt every day and the road can be a challenge to drive. Sometimes it is icy, sometimes slushy, or  not plowed after a new snow. Most of the drivers I encounter are seasoned winter drivers that are careful and safe. If you want to drive slow they don't tailgate you or try to pass you, blinding you with a pile of snow. Tonight about five deer ambled across the icy road in front of a truck a few cars ahead of me. One very young deer was sliding all the way. Everyone was going a reasonable speed and could slow down and not have injured animals or fender benders in the process. What a blessing.

3. I love it when you can almost literally see the lightbulb coming on above a student's head when they figure something out. AR was thinking aloud today ( in a whisper voice) during his test on "A Christmas Carol." All of a sudden he discovered the symbolism of the Ghost of Christmas Future.

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