Three Simple Pleasures: Grocery Store Sales, Pizza and Beer, Comforter

1. Today we did the monthly shopping trip to the grocery stores. In December that also includes "the baking list" and I loved finding ingredients like butter, cream cheese, and coconut on sale. I was also pleased the stores were a bit quieter when I was shopping.

2. JEJ dropped me off at my second store and headed to Papa Murphy's to pick up a fresh pizza. After driving to town, shopping, making the trip home again, unloading the car and putting everything away a meal consisting of Hawaiian Pizza hot from the oven and a Rolling Rock Beer cold out of the back of the car was a perfect combo for a late supper.

3. A box arrived from UPS today containing a new comforter just in time for another very cold night in northeastern Washington. JEJ stoked up the fires and we are keeping them burning long into the night.

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  1. Three simple pleasures! what a delightful theme.It is truly the simple things that make life beautiful.


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