Three Simple Pleasures: Flip, No Disasters, Good Night's Sleep

1. It was a day to count our blessings as the family exchanged gifts, prepared a wonderful feast, and laughed through our first family videos with the Flip.

2. I couldn't believe it!  The dishwasher didn't break, the frig didn't stop working, the meat didn't burn, nobody had a meltdown, we didn't lose the horseradish, and all the food made it to the table. Our family has been known to experience a few disasters as we gather for a holiday meal.

3. Everything quieted down pretty early and I actually got to bed at a decent time and enjoyed a blissful sleep in a warm bed with the dogs and JEJ close by. I could rest knowing all was well with the world.


  1. I visited a few days ago but can't remember if I left a comment (tired, befuddled brain). Wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and I'm glad to see you did have a merry time with your family :)
    Wishing you a happy New Year filled with blessings.

  2. Hi again. That last comment was really me (Kerri) but my daughter had been using my computer and left a comment on someone else's blog and was still logged on, so the computer thought I was her, I guess :) I'll see if I can get it right this time.

  3. we were just talking about the holiday disasters -- we had a pretty good run this Christmas. Everything was running smooth.. then on Christmas Eve a guy backed into our daughter's car in a parking lot. He was uncooperative and hostile -- ta boot. (We were in the car behind her so I saw it as it happened.)

    No one hurt -- and the rest of the holiday went well.


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