Home for the Holidays

The presents are wrapped, the bags are packed, the goodies arranged, the Christmas music in the case, my to do list written, phone charged, camera ready, recipes chosen, and books thrown in the bag. I am going to my other homes for the holidays... Kellogg to the houses of  Silver Valley Girl and Mom.  The roads look clear and the traffic should be light. First stop... Starbucks!


  1. Have a wonderful trip and
    a Very Merry Christmas!

    Nita Jo

  2. Anonymous23.12.09

    you will be happy to hear that our group of golf holiday in Costa Del Sol
    has decided to give our mebers to full facility in all fields. for that we are going to arrange some musical, dancing and other programs for the entertainment of our golf tourists. here so many musical and dancing group had applied.if any body wants to show his/her any kind of art individually or in group then he/she is most welcome.

    thank you.

  3. excelelnt - jubilate deo - and love to all at Christmas time and into 2010!!sandy

  4. Travel safe and please give everyone a huge hug from me, especially your mum :)..... enjoy your crimbo time together..... wish I was there LOL



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