For Tracy: William and Kit Waiting to be Filmed

My friend Tracy got our two cats Kit and William to do amazing things when she followed them around with the camera when she was here to visit. I think they want her to come back and were practicing with the following sequence. They were both in the garden room and Kit was hiding from William! First, as you can see above, Kit was resting under the Christmas tree.

 William joined us, looking for a sign of Kit around the chair.

Kit was hiding between the chairs, ready to tease William.

William couldn't quite figure out where Kit was.

Kit was playing a hide and seek game then.

Finally William wised up, but lost interest because he thought it was feeding time. Also, he wanted to save his best shots for when Tracy returns.


  1. :) just smiling....... having cats meself I LOVE this post lol


  2. Ha! I love your critters! Looks like they've mastered "Hide and Seek." Next time I visit I'll teach them to play "Kick the Can" in your closet of preserves.

  3. I am glad I put a smile on your face Marmite!
    I can't wait for you to film "Kick the Can" Tracy.


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