Ten Places That Make me Thankful

November is a perfect time to reflect on what I am thankful for. Recently time has been spent organizing and reorganizing photos when I need a break from studying.  A reoccurring theme keeps emerging in my photos. I often return to the same places over and over again...these places of beauty.

Ten Places That Make Me Feel Thankful

10. Bangs Mountain

9. Canyon Creek

8. Beaver Lake

7. Sherman Pass

6. my hometown

5.Lake Roosevelt

4. Priest Lake

3. The Palouse

2. our trees

1. our gazebo


  1. The places of beauty in our minds are indeed things to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Cuz,

    You should be thankful for your photography skills. You do a great job and of course you have great places to 'shoot'.


  3. Nature seems to increase our thankfulness. Lovely shots!


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