Sibling Assignment #111: " So Come With Me, Where Dreams Are Born"

Silver Valley Girl gave us our sibling assignment this week. Think back to a movie you remember watching at our house in Kellogg, name the movie, what it was about, and what makes you remember watching it at the house. Raymond Pert and Silver Valley Girl will post theirs soon.

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!" Peter Pan

The movie I remember watching was "Peter Pan".  NBC decided to do a television version of "Peter Pan" starring Mary Martin. She had created the role on Broadway. The first telecast was in 1960. Unlike CBS and "The Wizard of Oz", NBC only showed it a few times after that debut. I think the time I remember watching it was in 1963. It was memorable.  We recognized Mary Martin from the album covers of "South Pacific" and "The Sound of Music."  I was finding it hard to picture her playing a boy named Peter Pan. Play it she did. It was taped as a life performance which was also something I remember. We didn't often view a movie on T.V. that seemed more like it was being played on a stage. I didn't even care if you could see the wires when she was flying.

We may have still had a black and white television, because I think I recall watching in black and white. What I also remember was that it seemed like we got to stay up really late to watch it There is much that is vivid in my mind about that movie.  I believed that if I went with Peter Pan dreams would be born. It appeared to be such a happy place.

I also loved the music.  I remember singing the songs, especially "I'm Flying" long after the movie was over. That magical quality of Peter Pan has stayed with me and wondered what it would be like to visit a place like Never Never Land. Were dreams really born there? Did you never grow up? Remember Peter Pan singing " I Don't Wanna Grow Up"?

I thought Mary Martin was talking just to me when she asked if I believed in fairies. How many children clapped their hands in the living rooms at home to keep Tinker Bell alive? Would I always be happy if I flew with Peter to Never Never Land? Would life be this amazing adventure? Reality hits at the end of the movie when he finds Wendy all grown up. I remember finding it hard to say good-bye after watching this movie.  I didn't want my grandmother, cousins, or new friends at camp to forget me.

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."
Peter Pan. 

I went back in time for a bit tonight and enjoyed many numbers from this movie.  I will never tire of hearing Mary Martin sing "Never Never Land." Enjoy!


  1. I remember that... very much like you said.

    I also remember my mom being cynical of a woman playing pan. She thought it should be a boy, I guess.

  2. Man where was I for "Peter Pan"? Probably isolated in my room cutting out big heads from baseball cards and pasting them on cards where the player's head was small because their whole body was in the picture.

    In 1963, we definitely had black and white. I'm trying to remember when we got a color t.v. For some reason,I think it was the fall of 1969, my sophomore year..but I might have things mixed up....


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