Sibling Assignment #110: Enjoying the Quiet

 Raymond Pert gave the sibling assignment last week:

The surprising, shocking, soaring Idaho Vandals are off to a 7-2 start and, for me, it stirs memories of Vandal football in the late 60's through the early 80's. How about you? Do you have a story to tell about a particular Vandal game and what happened that is memorable to you, either on or off the field? Write it!
Silver Valley Girl's is here and soon we can also enjoy RPs.

I attended many football games at the University of Idaho. I remember RP and  my Dad coming down for a game. I remember Boda Bags, and I remember the smell of the Kibbie Dome. Surprisingly, what I remember most are the football game days when I didn't attend games. During my college years I had a part-time job at the WHEB ( Women's Health Education Building). I worked in the The Cage in the locker room which was the place equipment and towels were handed out. The locker room led into the pool. There were three gyms within the building, plus courts for other sports. It was a perfect job.

When I worked in The Cage on Saturday game days it was peaceful. I could hear the fans cheering and the band playing faintly over at The Dome. Hardly anybody came into the WHEB on these Saturdays so I had the place to myself. I remember loving that time to revive myself. I often studied, got caught up on reading, or just enjoyed the quiet. I washed, dried, and folded many white towels on those Saturdays. I walked around the building once an hour to count the people using the facility.  After hectic weeks of college life, it was a nice break even though it was a job. I knew I was missing a fun time at the game with my friends, but most of the time I didn't mind at all. I just enjoyed the quiet.

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