She's The Greatest Star

My sister and I have quite a few things in common. We both love good coffee, Funny Girl,chocolate chip cookies, and gardening.  If you asked us to pick a song to perform onstage, each would have "I'm the Greatest Star" from Funny Girl on a short list of favorites.

Saturday when I attended Sixth Street Theater's production of Here We Sit I had the pleasure of watching my sister Silver Valley Girl perform this showstopping number very convincingly.The play consists of sixteen scenes about attending the theater.

There were many memorable parts of the play, but I have to pick my sister's rendition of this song as my favorite. Can you tell by the number of pictures I took? Bravo to the cast and crew and two thumbs up for the hilarious performances in Here We Sit.
Here is another scene where she is discouraging a guy from putting the moves on her in the theater.

In another scene she played a member of a community theater group gathering feedback from the audience ... and back to the showstopper!


  1. oh that's fantastic! Sisters are the best!

  2. She looks wonderful, and I know she can sing! I would have loved to be there for that performance. What fun for you to be able to share such a special time together!


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