A November Full of Surprises

As November comes to a close it is nice to reflect on the beauty of the month. I was amazed as I enjoyed sunny blue skies and temperatures above 50 degrees today. With no snow the red dogwood willow branches show up across the yard. The leaves are still exposed and showing off their fall colors even as they lay on the ground. The native grasses have dried with beautiful plumes of beauty. I even spotted some marigolds that didn't get hit with frost. November keeps surprising me this year!
We can even sit in the gazebo with a fire, but didn't squeeze that in today. I think we have more of this weather for the week-end. I can't wait!


  1. I love November, and you described it so beautifully. *Sigh*

    It's been cold here, rained like crazy yesterday, but today the sun decided to shine. Lovely day!

  2. It has been torrential rain here again to day, so much so that as soon as I opened the back door Janet came running in like a drown rat and refuses to leave the warmth of the radiator in the kitchen LOL.....

    Thinking its time to build an Ark, terrible floods up north, just glad I dont live near a river and that my house is up the top of the slope of our road.....



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