Memories of Summer: A Greenhouse Tour

I love Saturday because I can be home when there is light.  Even though it is gray and cloudy today I was able to return to summer as I wandered around the greenhouse. I think some plants are actually doing better now inside than they were outside in the summer!  Take a tour with me!

This poinsettia was all but dead this summer, but with some expert watering and fertilizing by JEJ the plant whisperer it is back to life.

I love this geranium color....

and this one

.... and this one.

Whenever I need to revisit summer, I just sneak in here and take a tour.


  1. IEG: Your greenhouse is incredible!

  2. I keep coveting your green house. I don't know where we would put one -- except on our tiny garden spot. We don't
    have enough acreage. (lot)

  3. wow just beautiful...... hopefully my new greenhouse will be finished being errected soon.... and next year it means I to can have a summer tour in the winter.... mine is only gonna be 8 x 10 though so it will be a squeeze :)

    mine will be so tiny compared to the 66 footers I had when I owned the nursery with the tosser...


  4. ps... I LOVE red geraniums with a passion...



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