Memories from the Photo Box: Part 2

When I was backing up and organizing pictures I viewed all the photos I had scanned a few week-ends ago. I don't know if my mom ever intended to do it, but I spotted certain themes that ran through my memories from the photo box.

The first series is Silver Valley Girl and coats. The one above was during her Oliver Twist phase.

Next was her favorite pink poncho phase. I can't begin to tell you how many pink poncho pictures Mom took.

There was also cute pictures of another Easter here. I love the matching attire. I made the paper mache bunny in 2nd grade!

Another theme I spotted in the photo box was the big stick picture session. RP and I got Kodak Instamatics and had fun here. Now above RP is using a normal bat in the backyard.

I guess if you are already breathing in smelter smoke and have lead in the dirt, how is chasing your sister with a big stick going to hurt?

Where was my mom when we were playing this game? Actually we just had fun posing for pictures with our cameras!  I sure remember that rocking horse.


  1. those are cute!! my sister had poncho.. can't remember what color tho.. it's might've been pink.

  2. a friend of mine had a poncho. I was so jealous. She also had a hat with a fake ponytail out the back.

  3. Love love love the old family photos :)

    I remember crocheting a bright orange and white poncho when my mum wouldnt buy me a winter coat..... the old lady up the road gave me a huge bag of this aweful acrilic (sp) yarn, I thought it was the best thing ever LOL.... obviously it had no warmth in it, but I wore it with pride :)



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