Images of a Peaceful Thanksgiving

Images of our day include a festive bouquet, a cactus soon to be called The Thanksgiving Cactus, and a try at the Apple and Dried-Fruit Spice Pie in this month's Sunset Magazine.The recipe can be found here. I used my sister's apple pie filling that she canned here a few weeks ago instead of some of the apples and the sugar. I loved the taste of all the different dried fruits combined with apples and dark rum.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Love the picture of the picnic table, And the pictures of food made me hungry all over again.

  2. I joined the camera critters. Hope you can find time to visit my very first entry to this meme. Thank you and God bless. Indeed a blessing to see you around.

  3. it all looks gorgeous, except you cheated LMFAO....... you didnt weave the lattice toppping to your pie :)



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