The Yurt of Martin Creek

What does this look like to you? Last week-end I thought it looked like a very large wrapped hot water tank .  JEJ came up with a great idea to wrap our gazebo with the side material from the portable carport. It is amazing how warm it is inside.

Next he took a few blankets and hung them up inside, moved in more chairs, built a fire, and it was very cozy.

Shelby had to agree as she tried out the loveseat.  I liked my friend SueDean's suggestion of calling it our own personal yurt.  We now look forward to enjoying the warmth in the Yurt of Martin Creek.


  1. I love the yurt, and the name... The Yurt of Martin Creek sounds like a title for a book, or at least a short story. It looks so cozy!

  2. Oh, lucky you! I've long yearned for a yurt - just gave up today and deleted my folder with all the information. And now, here you are! Love it, love it!


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