What is Annie Saying Now?

We always wonder what Annie is saying when she throws her head back and "sings."

.... and what is she trying to tell us here that is so important?

The other two are not very interested. They are just glad the love seat is back in front of the stove and a warm fire is burning! Perhaps Annie just explained the meaning of life, but we couldn't quite understand.


  1. I love how she is "sitting" on the couch in the first two pictures. You wouldn't think it would be all that comfortable, and yet, there she is.

  2. It makes me smile when I see dogs doing that, often wonder what they are trying to say......

    I love the fact that you have a matching cat and dog in colour LOL


  3. One of our dogs is a 'talker' --- not a 'singer' --- but we often wonder exactly what it is she is trying to tell us. Sometimes I think she just like to 'talk'.

    :) LaTeaDah


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