Vines That Provide Texture and Color

There were times we actually did some planning when it came to planting our gardens. Because of the amount of pine trees and lack of color early on, we planted many vines so the color and texture would move up around the gardens.It is hard to see in this picture, but we planted a Silver Lace Vine about eight years ago so it could climb up the pine tree. This very hardy vine has now climbed about sixty feet up the hundred foot tree. There are white clusters of flowers all the way to the top. Now that is a hardy vine.
I am very pleased this fall with our Virginia Creepers. I mentioned before that usually the dryness of August takes away Virginia's leaves before she can turn a brilliant red. At dusk today I caught some shots of her leaves that are turning color as they climbed up the tree.


  1. I guess those vines aren't parasitic to the trees like ivy?

    lots of Virginia Creepers in the area - I always enjoy the color

  2. IEG: "leaves turning color as they climbed up the tree." Qreat!


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