Traveling Through Time With The Photo Box

My sister Silver Valley Girl is visiting this week-end. I asked her to bring up two photo boxes from Mom's house. They are photos I organzied a few summers ago. I wanted to begin a scan project so I would have them to use for a variety of purposes. The picture above was taken in Orofino when we spent Christmas there one year. We are posing with Grandma West.

When I posted a few photos on Facebook earlier today my cousin Cyndi commented, "It's amazing how photos can trigger so many senses. The pictures of Grandma's house and flower beds remind me of so many different things." These pictures reminded me of so many different things. I never remembered seeing the picture above until today. Mom still uses the clear chip and dip bowl set she is opening that was a Christmas gift one year.  My mother is famous for saving everything.

The coat I was wearing was very special and here I am wearing it as I stand in the doorway of the first house I really remember.  Seeing I have those fancy shoes on in winter, we must have been headed to church.

This is the front porch of the same house above, but I was too young to remember what was going on when the picture took place. Again, my Grandma West was at our house for a visit. I never remembered Raymond Pert wearing suspenders much. It must have been hot.


  1. oh my, you know how I love your old photo posts........ all those memories.... good memories.....

    fanks for letting me have a glimpse of your world..


  2. you were the cutest little tyke.

  3. I love the old photos! I remember those chip and dip sets. We had a gold one in the 70's. Grandma still had it when we cleared her home out a couple years ago. Don't know who it ended up with... maybe St. Vincents.

    I just pulled out photos yesterday to get back to my scanning project. It's been on the back burner for a while, but I've promised copies so I'd better get to work!


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