So Long, Farewell Garden Beauties

 The lasting effects of the first hard frost were more noticeable later in the day when things warmed up.

I now say so long, farewell to the beautiful morning glory.

Adios to the lovely nasturiums that kept this barrel full of beauty all summer.

Au revoir to the sunflowers. Ah.... their blooming heads have taken their last bow.

Sayonara dear grape leaves. Just this morning you concealed bunches and bunches of juicy grapes.


  1. wow, you had a right proper frost..... its sad when everything has no choice but to honour the seasons and hope and maybe pray that come spring new shoots will sprout with renewed growth.... and not just for plants lol


  2. sleeping until next year coming back more revitalized and bigger than ever,and richer soil..Time to put some bulbs indoors and watch them shine..Anything in greenhouse??


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