Sibling Assignment #108: A Story of Autumn

I gave the sibling assignment this week.
" Pick a favorite photo you have taken yourself. Post the photo and write an Abecedarian poem about the photo. You can also use a series of photos."You can learn about this form of poetry here." Silver Valley Girl's lovely litany of life can be found here and Raymond Pert's will be here soon.

A Story of Autumn

An apple tree that began it's life
By fruit that was dropped in the soil,
Core full of seeds sprouted a plant
Darn if it didn't make a tree.
Early each day we are greeted by our pal
Faithful friend during this growing year,
Glorious flowers that open at dawn
Heading to frost the good-bye will be sad for me.
In the season of autumn we always include
Jewel crown bloom in the October air
Kindred spirit chrysanthemum
Loveliest blooms you'll ever see.
Moving inside the harvest of autumn
Now can be displayed,
Often the colors of orange and yellow
Placed on a table by the afternoon light
Quiet surrounding and simple gifts
Remind us to give thanks to thee.
Staying inside Isabelle will now
Try every warm spot around the house
Under the table or on the back of this chaise,
Very smart cat that knows how to just be.
Under the rays of the setting sun
Vanishing behind the western sky,
Wash of misty light illuminates the garden
Xactly as I want to remember it tomorrow,
Yellow, deep orange and fiery red colors
Zip through the memory of an autumn day,
Lovely- don't you agree?

by inlandempiregirl October 2009


  1. Anonymous5.10.09

    You evoked much more imagery and emotion than I thought an A-B-C for poem would. As always, the photographs contribute to the overall impact.

  2. I always enjoy your poetry and photography =)

  3. Thanks Anon. The photos really helped.
    Thanks Rondi!


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