Saturday Road Trip: The Northern Lake Tour

We had not taken a twenty-mile road trip for months. We went further yesterday, but still kept with the ritual of loading up the dogs, lunch, and cameras with plans to stop at anything worth photographing. It was a long trip! The fall beauty was apparent as we drove over Sherman Pass through snow, headed north at Waconda to visit the northern lakes, and looped back around to Curlew and Curlew Lake State Park. Here are some of my favorite images of the day. (Actually my favorite is above on the banner.  I caught the beauty of the bright yellow tamaracks set off by the snow-covered mountain in the background. )
The trees lit up the hillside at Bonaparte Lake
The shimmering water was lovely at Beaver Lake.
Lake Beth was shadowy and calm as we drove further to view the lakeshore.
Heading down the highway toward Curlew we again saw blue sky and clouds.
 A scenic view  at Curlew Lake State Park
This doe didn't hang around for the sunset.

A hundred and forty-two pictures later I was a happy traveler, but glad to get home so I could put up my feet and enjoy a warm fire.

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  1. gorgeous colours, I love the photo of the deer....


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