Friday Night Ritual: Pioneer Macaroni and Cheese

Reflecting back on my younger days Friday night meant meeting friends after work, making plans to see a movie, or having a game night at somebody's house.
Friday night is different now and it is just the way I like it. I usually stay a bit later in my classroom Friday to reorganize after a busy week and frontload the upcoming week. When I arrive home I am ready to regroup and rest. Friday night dinner at our house is a quiet affair. We gather to eat outside front of the fire or catch the last evening light on the deck. Now more of these Friday night meals will be inside at the table.
  Somewhere along the way homemade Macaroni and Cheese became a ritual. I think this happened mostly because it is a favorite dish of JEJ. I usually have the ingredients available and it is very easy.
JEJ also reminded me last night that "it is such a comfort food". Who doesn't crave comfort food after busy week. Last night I added a green salad with blue cheese dressing and I was in comfort food heaven.
 I have experimented recently with a variety of cheeses that I happen to have in the refrigerator. Last night it was cheddar, a bit of cream cheese, and shredded parmeson on top.  On another recent Friday I used Pepper Jack cheese which made it very yummy. The basic recipe is the old favorite from the original Betty Crocker cookbook. I have adjusted the amount of macaroni and make other adjustments along the way.

Looking at the page from my Grandma Woolum's cookbook, I think we have both have left a few food spots on this page.


  1. One of my current favorites is macaroni and cheese with vegetables mixed into it. We might use cauliflower and carrots, or maybe some broccoli--asparagus in seasson--green beans. Does something different to mac and cheese.

  2. My mom had the same cookbook. I need to check out that recipe! I usually make my mac -n -cheese with a white sauce turned cheezy by adding cheddar and garlic powder. Very creamy - but your's looks really yummy!


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