Autumn is Ripeness and Color

"Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity;
but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. What person can stand with autumn
on a hilltop and fail to see the span of his or her world and the meaning of the rolling

hills that reach to the far horizon?" Hal Borland

As I continued to practice my newly learned skills with the camera while the sky was cloudy and it was nearing dusk ( a good photo time says Scott Kelby) I was drawn to the bright reds and yellows that stood out in the lingering light. The small crab apples appeared like small frozen cherries after the rain.Annie and Shelby waited in the gazebo by the fire on this cool, rainy day instead of following me around for the photo shoot. As I felt the dampness seeping through my socks I decided they are pretty smart dogs!


  1. Very nice work. . .I always enjoy following you around your place. And those dogs really are the smartest!
    Have a wonderful weekend; hope you'll have more photo ops.

  2. Is there any change you could turn the cameras over to the dogs while you warm your feet by the fire? That would be my first thought. The photos are really beautiful, though, and socks do generally dry quickly!

  3. I like Hal Borland's writing.
    The dogs have the right idea :)
    When I came home from school today I wanted to go out and take a few photos of the still lovely dahlias, but by the time I'd had a cup of coffee and a little rest it was raining again! I'm craving sunshine after 7 straight days of this gray, wet weather!
    It's lovely to see the colors of autumn, but I'm absolutely not ready for this cold weather!
    I loved your autumn postcard and reading about your late summer activities.
    I'll have to start bringing plants in soon too. So far most things have survived the 3 light frosts we've had, with just a touch of damage here and there in the garden beds away from the house.
    Enjoy the season!

  4. I'm with the dogs. A nice fire sounds very inviting. I wonder what the Farmer's Almanac forecasts.

  5. I love walking around your garden with you, and one day hope to do it for real :)

    I can always tell here when the evenings/mornings are changing, without even looking out the windows or feeling the nip in the air, cos my 2 cats snuggle up on the beanbag mean for the minded nippers lol, over the autumn and winter months they claim it as their own LOL or are often found snuggled together on my bed..


  6. lovely photos, I love autumn colours and fruits!

  7. Thanks Noni... always photo ops around our place!
    good thoughts Tumblewords!
    Kerri... the rain is gone here and we are back to crisp, sunny fall days. Love it!
    Pamela... I am afraid to know what the almanac says!
    Marmite... our cats are the same way. In the garage on gunny sacks, next to fire, all over the place that is warm!


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