Writer's Block, Gratitude, and Wholeness of Women

"Women's work is always toward wholeness."- May Sarton

Recently I gathered around the table with a group of women ( and Rodney, our male leader) for a celebration and gratitude dinner for our friend Brenda (above with a glimpse of Sherry). A group of us serves on a leadership team for the Northwest Inland Writing Project and we wanted to show our appreciation to Brenda for all she has done for the organization. As I sat around the table at the Sangria Grill in Moscow with this group I marveled at the intelligence, stamina, creativity, and determination that was a part of each of the people around the table.( Above are Bev and April, then Carol in the picture right above.)It was only fitting that we found Steel's Writer's Block wine to toast the occasion. We loved that The Bard was on the label. Good food, blooming roses, gifts, grandbaby pictures, and much laughter all added to the festive gathering. As women we do often work toward wholeness whether it is with our life's work, our families, or our friends. I felt that wholeness of women around the table that evening.


  1. I can imagine the creative energy in that room.
    Loved your photos of your summer, especially those dogs at the ocean--pure bliss.
    Have you read Water for Elephants? I haven't but I do own it and love the cover.
    Happy Autumn!

  2. I can sense in the "feel" of the photos a snippet of what you must've been feeling. wonderful.

  3. Good shots and post. I liked what you said so much.

  4. Noni... I think you will love Water for Elephants. It was a book that surpirsed me how much I liked it. I never knew much about the circus growing up in north Idaho.
    You are right Shelby and I tried to capture it.
    Thanks Carver!


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