Step-by-Step Photo Secrets

During my bedtime reading I have been learning "how to make your photos look like the pros!" with a practical book The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby. I don't have a thousand dollar camera, a tripod, fancy lenses, or other tools he suggested. I have a Canon Power Shot A560 and mostly "cross my fingers, do fifteen takes, point and shoot."
This morning I decided to go out and try some of what I learned from the section "Shooting Flowers Like a Pro. "
Here are some tips I learned:
-take pictures in the morning light -take the picture from a different position -use a spray bottle of water to make it appear that it has rained -get down on your knees and capture the flower from below
-take pictures at dusk -always practice with Kit

I think tomorrow I will move to the section "Shooting Landscapes Like a Pro".


  1. I took a photo workshop offered to staff and volunteers at the national park. I took a photo class at the community college. I took a class on my cruise. There is always something to learn.

    The most important thing, I think, is to learn what your camera can do and not be afraid to be unconventional. Digital is so wonderful for this because your can afford to try something even if it doesn't work.

  2. So... how much does kit charge!
    (A little kibble? ha ha)

    I wanted to take a photography class this fall but I never heard back from the camera shop about the final info.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your shots where you're experimenting with what your reading about. I take bazillion shots and do experiment but half the time forget what I was doing when I got the ones I like the best.

  4. Pamela... I am amazed how much I am learning with this book. It is fun to go out and experiment.
    Carver.. as I said above... how did we ever do it when we had to buy film and pay for developing. We paid for some pretty bad pictures!


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