Sibling Assignment #107: September Afternoon Postcard

Raymond Pert gave the Sibling Assignment for this week. You will soon find his here and Silver Valley Girl's post sharing lovely words for autumn is here. Write a postcard, in poetry or prose, patterned after Ted Kooser. His are winter postcards of winter morning walks. Ours will be autumn postcards and we'll make our observations however we want...walking, driving, sitting, whatever....and time of day is up to us...
His postcards: 1. State the date 2. State the weather conditions 3. Capture physical detail of the moment 4. Reflects upon that moment, either implicitly or explicitly

September 25

Blinding sunshine and hot

The long-awaited shade enveloped
the rustic chairs
while awaiting the fiery red hue of the burning bush.

In afternoon, an overpowering need to pause
and, though the mind is muddled with facts and figures,
grab a cool drink,
perch amid the last blooms of summer,
recall the hint of smoke and cool air
of autumns past.

by inlandempiregirl
September 2009


  1. you win.

    ps. my word verficiation is flyhroci. translated: fly hierachy.
    Certainly a good description of our fall. The flies have very much established themselves.

  2. What a wonderful picture you portrayed. I can't wait to come and enjoy your garden and gather around your table in a couple of weeks!!

  3. Thanks sandyland.
    You think so Pamela? I agree about the Battle with the Flies!
    I am eager for you to come also SVGirl. I hope the leaves have turned a bit and the burning bush is burning!!


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