Obsession: Springer Style

All the springer spaniels I have known tend to be obsessive. The obsessiveness can involve "a stray cat that was on a fence once a year ago, but let's see if it is back" ,lookingfor squirrels while camping, or being on watch for danger out the car window. Our Annie is Miss Queen of Obsession as you can observe from these pictures.
There is a small bird in the tree and I am not moving until I see it.I hear a squirrel up that tree at our campsite! Yes, I am staying right here.
Is that a bird, a squirrel, or what? I am planted here until I find out.Okay.... now I see something over here!I am sure there is a seagull hiding in that wave! See ya!
I know that cat is still down there somewhere. Where is that cat? I am on watch until I see it.

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  1. good observation the one with the sun and pots is so appealing a good calendar photo


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