Lessons Learned from School

Two days have flown by since the new school year started. I learned that the cute flats with the bows were not going to be "teacher shoes" after two hours. I always pack a second pair of shoes when I am trying out a new pair. On with the comfortable... out with the cute. I learned that a sixth grader can be understanding when he is accidentally called a girl when he is a boy. I also learned that one of my female students went out for the football team, another made an all-star baseball team and played a tournament in Orofino, Idaho. Since I spent so much time there during my summers growing up I smiled when he said he really liked the town. I know there are many stories they still haven't had time to tell, but all my students survived the summer even though I heard about 4-wheeler wrecks, bike wrecks, sunburns, and other mishaps of childhood. I also heard of pow-wows, a trip to Sea World, and seeing the ocean for the first time.
Our county fair begins tomorrow so many are heading to Republic to get their animals ready to show. Maybe Tuesday some will bring colorful ribbons from their judgings.

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  1. How smart you are with your extra shoes! I had the same uncomfortable experience last week and actually had to go BUY myself a pair of shoes. There's nothing to make the day drag like aching feet!


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