Images of a Road Trip

Friday was a beautiful day to do a road trip. As I waited for the ferry to reach our side of Lake Roosevelt I was able to snap some pictures. The Columbia Princess had a light load as it headed for the Inchelium side.The lake sparkled like diamonds that afternoon.
I was treated to a beautiful sunset after I arrived in Moscow.
Walking around campus Saturday I couldn't help but snap pictures of the buildings, especially the ivy-covered Administration Building. It was a week-end full of friendship, good food, good cheer, and good work.


  1. Oh how I LOVE them little ferrys that go across little strips of water... there is a funny little one that connects Hayling Island and Eastney/Portsmouth, but its just for foot soldiers not cars..

    and of course there is the ferry that crosses the Solent from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight but thats a bigish ferry, so we always take the passenger hovercraft if we dont need to take the car...

    lovely photos as usual..



  2. I need to make that road trip.

    the Ferry reminds me of a trip my brother and wife made. They drove over the speed limit so they could catch the last ferry (as noted on their Illinois road atlas)

    They got there and there was no ferry. They asked for directions and the local told them "There hasn't been a ferry in 27 years."


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