Gathering Around the Table Peruvian Style

When I was in Moscow last week-end another special dinner was held on Saturday evening. Mercedes and Gloria, two teacher leaders from our Northwest Inland Writing Project last summer, wanted to treat the facilitators to a Peruvian feast. We arrived at Mercedes' house after a meeting all day and what a feast we had. Unfortunately I was so busy taking foodie pictures, eating, and conversing I forgot to write down the names of these wonderful dishes. I will just describe them here. The gathering started out with chips and spicy salsas and a most delicious sangria.The soup was a combination of shrimp, rice, peas, and other goodies with a sauce that could be added on top. This is a delightfully fresh drink made with Peruvian rum. It looks so pretty also! I really need the recipe. Actually, I need all the recipes.The vegetable side dish was a combination of cold potatoes, olives, hard boiled egg and a hot cheese sauce in a bed of lettuce. A basil and garlic enhanced pasta with a spicy pork chop was next on the menu. Then of course was an amazing dessert. Mercedes prepared a crepe that was filled with cinnamon infused coffee ice cream, then topped with a pear sauce. The hot crepe melted the ice cream just enough to blend all the flavors. The evening continued with strong coffee , sharing of writing, and conversation.We met and worked with Mercedes and Gloria because of our friend Bev above. Thanks Bev for introducing us to these two amazing women. We learned so much about their lives in Peru through their writing in the summer institute, but enjoying the flavors and traditions of their native country at this special gathering.
Thanks again Mercedes and Gloria! Now I will get the names of those dishes and the recipes! April, my co-facilitator, was taking in the whole experience across the table from me.


  1. Everything looks so inviting and delicious! I'm so glad you took lots of food pictures! I've never thought of cold potatoes served as a side salad before --- but think it's a great idea! It looks like you had a great time! And your writing project sounds so inspiring.


  2. Wow, that looks like a wonderful feast. Great shots.

  3. La Tea Dah... the cold potato dish was very delicious. The spicy cheese sauce added to the flavor.
    Carver...wasn't it amazing. It wasn't hard to get good shots at that table.
    Pamela...truly it was. I can't believe I forgot to get recipes!

  4. I am so hungry after looking at all those pictures. The last thing I need to be doing at this time of night is eating.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  5. Ummm
    and what a delightful time it sounds like you all had!


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