Garden Goodness on the Friday Tour

I always look forward to Friday afternoon at home. It is the time I unwind from the week, grab my camera and do a serious tour of our gardens. I am always surprised at how quickly things change during a school week. Under the leaves the grapes are beginning to ripen.
The vines have almost covered the garden gate.
On this side the path and gate are hard to navigate.
The Autumn Joy sedum continues to be the queen of the September garden.

I was pleased to see the pink Iceberg rose still full of buds,
and the Olympiad Rose is still blooming strong.

The geraniums are not about to be outdone,

or the lemon gem marigolds.

At the end of the tour I loved finding apples almost ready to eat.


  1. drinking it all in Love the naturalness and not planned effect of it all sandy


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