Farewell to Summer

Today on the calendar marks the last day of summer. Starting school always feels more like the start of autumn in my mind. Other signs of autumn are popping up all over. Silver Valley Girl got frost in Kellogg. The burning bushes are turning red at school. The Halloween store was open yesterday on Division Street in Spokane. We had a recent late summer rain, pictured above.
As I say farewell to another summer I wanted to post some of my favorite images of the Summer of 2009.
This was my favorite bouquet. our first tomato the ivy geraniums hanging by the garage

the lilies of July a favorite view of the Oregon coast the dogs first run in the ocean
a first rose of June the vivid color of morning gloryon the deck at the writing retreat


  1. I don't know where the poem came from I found it somewhere a while back and liked it. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Those are wonderful images from the summer. You always have such beautiful posts.

  3. I really liked in Yolanda. I may have to use it also!
    Thanks Carver... I will be sad to see the flowers go but I am eager for autumn.


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