Digging Deeper into Teaching and Learning

During this school year I am working toward reaching National Board Certification as a teacher in the area of Early Adolescence/ English/Language Arts. By the time I submit my Portfolio in late March I will have videotaped my classroom discussions, reflected on my teaching, analyzed student work, and written about how I have improved myself as a teacher leader and a partner with parents. An exam comes later in the spring. This is a rigorous program which caused me to miss most of our last beautiful week-end of September while I was focused on work in my study. I really love it though. I love digging deeper into my teaching of reading, literature, and writing and researching best practices. My students have been cooperative so far when I have questioned them about how they learn and prodded them about their multiple intelligences. We'll see how all of us do the first time we videotape. One student predicted either he would start laughing or I would trip and fall. I can only hope his first prediction is more accurate! Stay tuned.

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