Cooler Weather, Gazebo Warmth, and Harvest

Cooler, rainy weather Monday brought changes in routine at our house. I discovered I could finally close the little windows in the kitchen by the sink. I didn't need cool air in the morning inside. I noticed a change in cat behavior. Kit and Isabelle are spending more time inside, especially snuggling close together to stay warm.

We finally enjoyed a fire in the gazebo. Nothing like pulling out long sleeved shirts, fleece, warm socks, and relaxing in front of the fire. JEJ decided it was a perfect opportunity to "rest his eyes" .Shelby did too! The autumn joy sedum, asters, and mums are all showing their fall colors. JEJ dug up 60 pounds of red potatoes and the grapes are ripening on the vine. The roses are beginning to form rose hips. If the frost doesn't come early we will continue to harvest tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beets, and cabbage. I also see the glow of fruit on our apple trees by the house. It is time to bring in more jars for a marathon canning session. Two more weeks and we can officially welcome fall. I think my favorite season is going to come a bit early this year.

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