It's All Part of the Changing Season

As the first days of autumn are approaching I look forward to much more to happen in the gardens. Here is a preview:
The mums will soon be in full bloom.
The asters will continue to brighten up the bed by the walk.The cabbage will be ready any day now for more great cole slawand beets will be ready to pickle,

and more green beans are ready to can.
The cats will be more visible as they move closer to the inside. It is all part of the changing season.


  1. I so love your heading photo.....

    There is a nip in the air here now and its dark right proper early... and both me cats are lazying in the sunshine on the garden table during the middle of the day but are snuggled up on the sofa or on laps during the evening.... Im holding off lighting the open log fire.... we didnt have much of a summer so Im hanging on to these last sunny days for all they are worth....

    I do love Autumn though, just not looking forward to the winter cos Im still wobbly on me pins lol


  2. and we will settle down for a harvest and long winter nap of rejuvenating creativity for next spring..sandy


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