Top Ten Ways to Tell Autumn is Just Around the Corner

10. There are leaves around the yard that have started to turn.
9. It is time to start setting the alarm clock in preparation for a school schedule.8. The oak leaf hydrangea blooms are beginning to turn a deeper color.
7. The temperature is dropping in the evening.6. The beans have reached the top of the pole.
5. I am running out of canning jars.4. The leaves on the Virginia Creeper are up to the roof of the shed, which is Lily's favorite resting spot.
3. I feel this urge to wear fleece, heavy socks, and jumpers.2. The sunflower seeds are ready for the birds.
1. The number one way I can tell autumn is just around the corner... I have a zucchini that weighs 4 pounds!


  1. great list and what an adorable photo of Lily!

    Here the swifts have gone and the apples are ripening, autumn on its way...

  2. wonderful list especially 5 and 6

  3. what did you do with the 4 lb zucchini?

    gram would dice it up and make a z. patty with bread crumbs onions etc. fry it and serve it up. yum


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