Summer Bouquet #1: Sunflowers

to Silver Valley Girl:
Nothing says summer like Silver Valley Girl's favorite flower!


  1. They are beautiful. Mine haven't even started blooming. Hope to have some soon!!

  2. oh so pretty...... we had a little bit of sun this afternoon and it was quite warm for about an hour, we are having the most horrendous summer weather again this year...... :(


  3. Sunflowers are a favorite of mine as well. It was a theme of our wedding along with the Black eyed Susans... outdoor wedding... the colors were so bright and fun!

  4. SVG... I am surprised yours haven't bloomed. They will probably be waiting to greet you after vacation.
    Marmite... our summer is has been too hot and too dry!
    RMRetreat... I'll bet that was such a beautiful wedding. What a lovely combination with Black eyed Susans.

  5. These flowers are really so pretty and beautiful... Sunflowers are my first choice!!


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