Smoke on the Water

The fire that is burning northwest of us in Kelowna, B.C. has filled the skies in our area with smoke and ash.
The sun rose over the mountain like a bright orange ball , reminding us of the dangers of this hot, dry weather.A cooler breeze makes it a bit more bearable in the early morning on Lake Roosevelt.


  1. Wonderful photos ... just amazing what smoke can do to the skies.
    It's sad about the fires in Kelowna.
    Being born and raised there for many many years, I feel sad for the fires that are hurting them... I remember the big fire that I was a part of in 2003 of the Okanagan Mountain Fire and the smoke from that one was intense for weeks... I'll never forget being evacuated.
    It is still hot here in the Rocky mountains and spot fires break out here but nothing too intense yet but lightning is forecast tonight and I'm concerned.
    Take care.

  2. Angie Bishop4.8.09

    Christy, I love the photo of Annie on the deck. Obviously she is enjoying God's beauty!

  3. Yakima Valley is full of smoke, too. Some is from Canada, but we have our own fire raging near Rimrock Lake. Several small lightning strike fires also in the national park, but they fortunatley remained smalla nd burned themselves out,

  4. RMRetreat... it sounds like the conditions are still dangerous in B.C. We all need rain.
    Thanks Angie... I love being at the right time with a camera! It looks like she is looking right up at God!
    Katney... I bet the smoke just sits in that valley. I only hope the cooler weather helps a bit.


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