Sibling Assignment #104: Rockaway Beach with Family

For Sibling Assignment #104 Silver Valley Girl, Raymond Pert and I will reflect upon our family's stay at Rockaway Beach and reflect upon what we enjoyed about being together as a family. Raymond Pert's is here and SVG's is here.
Remove Formatting from selectionFirst of all I was so pleased that we were able to plan ahead and gather for a trip to the Oregon Coast. JEJ was a new face in the group since last we stayed at the Oregon Coast. My nieces were older and could enjoy and remember more. All of us had new dogs to deepen the experience. What did I enjoy about being together as a family? That was a hard question.
I think the time spent at the beach is what I enjoyed doing with my family. We had great times gathering around the table for meals, hilarious board games in the evening, crossword challenges with Mom in the morning, but those activities can be done at other places and other seasons. The best times were at the beach.
Mom was determined to walk to the beach, new hip and all! I love this shot of her keeping up with her young and athletic granddaughter Z2 as they made their maiden voyage across the sand to the ocean.
It was so much fun watching the dogs and their first experience with the ocean. When you are not blessed with your own children, you have to capture the moments with the dogs. They ran, chased waves, followed seagulls, and just had a grand old time on the beach.
It was also very enjoyable to be with siblings , especially at sunset. We waited a few days for a sunset and the first one was spectacular. It was worth going back down to the beach to capture even more memories with the camera.
It was a new experience for JEJ to spend time at the beach. Whether it was walking the dogs, visiting with family along the water's edge, or hiking into sand dunes further north, he loved the sand and the Pacific Ocean.
Add my sister's dogs, sand castles, PKR running after Annie, struggling up the rocks, posing with my sister, and nieces posing in sweatshirts, and you could say it was a full experience at the beach. I hope we get to do it again soon.


  1. Angie Bishop22.8.09

    Awesome! I am so happy that you all had a wonderful time. How special for your Mom! My favorite picture has got to be of her jogging on the beach! Go Aunt Mary! You have a beautiful family and made special memories!

  2. A meeting place of loved ones - the favorite loved ones, family, and of course the dogs .. at the beach, the place where the sun and sky and water all come together.. it's just spectacular.

  3. It looks like you all have such a super time........


  4. It's been three years since I did the beach with my sisters. We miss sister # 4 who died of leukemia 15 years ago. How time flies.

    So glad you had a wonderful time.


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