Sedum 'Autumn Joy' : Another Hot Weather Survivor

Autumn Joy Stonecrop is a plant in the sedum family. Once established these plants tolerate hot weather, little water, and little care. Our sedum patch is my new all-time favorite garden this month. I am amazed at how these plants have grown this year. I can't wait until the blooms open in the fall. With their pale pink and pale apricot colors, they dress up any garden. After they bloom in late fall the blossoms turn a coppery color. Just gorgeous. We had these in different places around the gardens, but decided to put them all together. I guess they thrive off each other. Of course, they were named stonecrop because some sedum will just come up out of rocks. Can't beat these hot weather lovers when everything else is a bit wilted this week.


  1. Great photos. I have never seen this flower before. If it loves the sun, it should thrive well from where I come from.

  2. some of mine has really spread , too.

    I'm so thankful it is supposed to be cooler today

  3. Welcome Julehya. These flowers are warriors in the sun!
    Pamela.. I am with you on the cooler weather. I actually felt a few raindrops last evening.


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