Routines Begin Again

This morning I could take my time and stop and take pictures on my way to school. No students until tomorrow morning. There has been a draw down again this fall on Lake Roosevelt causing my favorite Barnaby Island to no longer be an island. Driving by this island above will be part of my routine every day now as I drive down the lake to school. I won't always take the time to stop.
I like the quiet time right before school starts. LH put new wax on the floor so the hallway just gleamed as I headed to my empty classroom. I sat and had think time as I filled in my daily plans. Routines begin again. Classroom set up, nametags out, pencils sharpened, lunch packed, clothes laid out, new shoes waiting, school bag ready to grab, nails polished, thermos ready to fill, camera packed, iPod charging, and alarm clock is set.

Tomorrow is my 32nd first day of school as a teacher. Each year of teaching has been new and different, but the excitement and anticipation never goes away!


  1. tom Tierney1.9.09

    I too am affected by the beginning of school. My wife disappears, the house is quiet. The land of DQ changes as the kids go back to school. I miss the routine enforced by school, the hours, the vacations, the time tables. If you can imagine, I review each store's activity by the hour, by the day, the week, the month, and the year. It is way different from teaching. It really requires a different biological clock from teaching. The beauty of what we do, and what draws us to what we people and relationships, and all that comes with that.

  2. Angie Bishop1.9.09

    I enjoyed this post, Christy. I love your enthusiasm!


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