Postcards from the Road: Day 1 From Ritzville Through the Columbia Gorge

Today JEJ and I loaded up the dogs and met up with my mom along the way as we began our road trip to the Oregon Coast. Obviously we hadn't been past Spokane for quite awhile together traveling I-90 since none of could remember the last time we had even been in Ritzville, let alone the Tri-Cities. Mom and I found a great place to shop in Ritzville. These horses and the wagon are made out of horseshoes!Even though it was very windy, the first part of the Columbia Gorge was beautiful in the late afternoon. Our first leg of the journey ended with a stop in The Dalles. I think the dogs were ready to have a change of landscape by the end of the day.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Angie Bishop9.8.09

    What a fun day. I love the beautiful pictures with my favorite one being of Aunt Mary. She looks fantastic!

  3. I enjoyed all of your pictures and musings about your holiday! Beautiful scenery --- great family times! A perfect vacation! Thanks for sharing with us.


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